Marble Info

The Truth about Marbles: Not all are alike.

So, there you have it folks.  Marble size WILL vary.  Why?  Because, machine made marbles are created by the 100's of thousands per production.  During the course of producing a batch of one particular size of marble, the hot molten glass is very abrasive and creates wear on the machinery.  The shears used to cut the stream of molten glass wears away and the machine operator needs to periodically adjust the speed of the cutting mechanism in order to maintain accuracy of size.  Therefore, to keep affordable costs, a certain degree of variance in size is accepted by the producers of machine made marbles.  We have found that this can mean that within one batch of marbles, the size difference can be 1 - 2mm larger and/or smaller than the named size.  And, Toebreakers can vary as much as 3mm either way.  Marbles are named by the measurement of the diameter in order to give the consumer a description of the approximate size of the marble, but does not guarantee exactness.  To help determine what size to order, please refer to our tips below.

Marble Size Chart

This chart is printable and should be a close measurement guide. Use the ruler in the image to make sure the printed image is scaled to life size.

Tips for Sizing Machine Made Marbles


Tip #1 - Use a caliper micrometer tool if available.

caliper tool measuring a 1 inch marble

Tip #2 - For those buying marbles for their home made game board, the marble diameter should usually be larger than the diameter of the holes on the board.  

Tip #3 - Place coins over the holes on the boards for size comparison and to ensure that there is adequate space between them as well.

Tip #4 - For those who need a certain quantity of marbles that are theexact same size, buy more than you need so that you may sort through and pick out enough to fulfill your needs.

Tip #5 - The only way to order spheres of an exact size is to purchase precision steel ball bearings.  Sorry, we do not sell steel ball bearings at this time.


Sizing Game Marbles

game marbles aligned

Sizing Toy Marbles

peewee marble

decor marble

target marble

shooter marble

boulder marble

jumbo marble

super jumbo marble

toebreaker marble

Warning!  Choking hazard.  Not for children under 3 years.