***Gift Certificate***

This is a gift certificate for use on online orders and in our Bonner Springs store.

Instructions for purchasing and using a gift certificate online:
  • Replace the price field below with the amount of the gift certificate that you would like to purchase.
  • Place in shopping cart and proceed through checkout to complete your order.
  • After completing your order, you will be able to print your receipt and you will be e-mailed a receipt.  The receipt will display a serial number below the product "Gift Certificate".  We will also email a paper gift certificate to the email address on your account.  This may happen quickly or take a few days.  
  • Retain the serial number and give it to the recipient of your gift certificate.
  • When using the gift certificate, there will be a "gift card" field at the bottom of your shopping cart.  Fill the serial number in this field and update your cart.

The gift certificate will be applied to the item and shipping costs.  It will be taken off of the total after you have chosen a shipping option.  It may be used on multiple orders as long as there is a balance remaining on the gift certificate. 


Instructions for using a gift certificate in our Bonner Springs, KS store:

  • Once the shipping department goes to fulfill your order, they will send an email to our graphic design artist notifying her to create and email you a physical gift certificate.  This can happen very quickly or take a few days.
  • Print and present this certificate at our store in Bonner Springs, KS.   
  • The receipt for your order may also be used in the store to redeem the gift certificate immediately after purchase.  
Gift Certificate
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