4" Equilateral Kaleidoscope for Boulder Marbles -Teal Blue

Handmade stained-glass kaleidoscope by Allison Borgschulte. The outside casing is made with opaque teal blue wispy glass.  It contains an equilateral 3 mirror system which results in repeating triangle images reflecting outward to the edges of the viewing area. Comes with a 1" boulder marble which is interchangeable with other marbles from your collection that are approximately 1" in diameter.  (The marble you receive may vary from what is pictured based on availability.  The interior imagery will vary based on the marble with which it is paired.  The marble is held in the scope with a coiled wire, which flexes to accommodate marbles ranging in diameter from about 7/8" to 1 1/8". The kaleidoscope is 4" long(not including wire and marble). The sides of the scope are 1 1/8" in height.

For more variations, consider purchasing a "boulder pak" or handmade 6 pack of marbles.  While in the shopping cart, specify that you would like transparent styles for kaleidoscope.
4" Equilateral Kaleidoscope for Boulder Marbles -Teal Blue
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