Small Hardwood General Grants Solitaire Board

This beautiful General Grant's Solitaire Board is available in three different hardwoods or a mixture of the three; cherry, walnut, maple, or mixed.  These boards are individually handcrafted and one of a kind.  Therefore, the board you receive may vary in appearance from the image.  The mixed hardwoods image is an example of a board with 3 different woods.  The width of the stripes of each wood will vary from board to board, so the board you will receive can be quite different from this image.  

The diameter of the board is approx. 8" and comes with an assortment of 32 Target (5/8" diameter or 16mm) marbles, a cloth pouch (color will vary), and game rules & solution.  You will receive an assortment of styles of marbles.  However, if you would like all one style, you may refer to the bulk marbles - Targets page of our website  and specify the color or style of the marbles that you would like to receive.  Image shown has "Troll" marbles.  Specifications can be made in the order notes section of your checkout process.  
Small Hardwood General Grants Solitaire Board
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