Marble Climbing Machine Mechanical Kit

This self assembly kit uses five reciprocating pistons powered by hand cranked offset cams to lift and transfer the marble to the top of the stairway where it returns via a chute and so as long as you crank it they will keep climbing.

It starts as a self assembly kit but once assembled, add a brother, sister or friend/family member and it becomes a puzzle/competition if you remove the pistons and see how quickly it can be reassembled (and of course you know if it is done correctly because the marble will complete the course.

Each model kit comes with

  • All wooden components shaped and drilled
  • Sandpaper for finishing
  • PVA glue
  • Parts list
  • Comprehensive instructions

The models are manufactured from renewable wood sources and are designed for age 9 and over. Younger builders may require the assistance of an adult. The models, both kits and built, are not suitable for children 3 years and under due to the risk of choking on the small parts.  10 1/4" wide x 6 1/2" tall.

Hand crank or use the 110V Motor with this mechanism.

Watch video of mechanism in action!

Marble Climbing Machine Mechanical Kit
Price: $28.00

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