Fritz Lauenstein - "Rainbow Swirl Marble"

Fritz Lauenstein - "Rainbow Cane Marble Set"

This is a nice set of contemporary handmade marbles and cane by artist, Fritz Lauenstein.  This set demonstrates the stages involved in making these "Rainbow Ribbon Swirl" marbles.  The larger piece of cane shows all of the colors of glass lined up around a clear rod.  The skinnier piece of cane shows the next stage after that larger rod has been twisted into a flat ribbon.  Then, you receive 4 different sized marbles all cut from the same cane.  This is a nice addition to the collection of an avid marble enthusiast. 

Marble diameter are 1 1/8”, 1 5/8”, 2 1/8”, and 2 ½+.  Cane is 1” diameter x 2 7/8” in length, Twisty cane is 3/8” diameter x 4 7/8” length.  Signed and dated.
Fritz Lauenstein - "Rainbow Cane Marble Set"
Price: $525.00

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